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Experiments with bass, drum and voice

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I don't consider this a true we be echo release - it's more of a set of style experiments.

When I record vocals, I have the lyrics in front of me, and the music playing through my headphones - I start recording and sing, I don't have any preconceived ideas on how the vocals will sound or fit, they work themselves out in real time - occasionally I will sing the first verse or so again at the end of the recording if I find that how I sang the lyrics changed drastically from the beginning to the end, but usually, that's it - first take. I don't generally combine the vocal recording and the song until the next weekend. I think I've only ever re-recorded the vocals on a song maybe twice - and once I changed the lyrics completely because I loved the music, but the vocals/lyrics just didn't work at all.

It's all very organic, very fluid, and takes charge itself. Occasionally I’ll break the vocals apart and move them around, but generally it is left how it was recorded.

On this release, I've tried some things I've not done before - talking rather than singing, vocals very much to the forefront, long notes, dis-harmonies, and singing to someone else's music - “Eclipse” consists of bass and drums by Jason Davis of Code Of Conflict. I wrote and sang the lyrics - again, one take, no idea how I wanted it to sound until the record button was pressed and I started making sounds - leaving imperfections, finding the song as I went along. I feel that makes the music sound real. That's what I like most about my vocals - the perfect imperfections.

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