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about we be echo

Kevin first started recording with Raye Caluori as Third Door From The Left after meeting at the famed Throbbing Gristle/Cabaret Voltaire/Rema Rama gig at the Central YMCA in London, 1980. After one album "Face The Firing Squad" (still a classic), and two live events, Kevin left to form we be echo. Ceza Evi and later Ceza Evi Special Edition (featuring Kevin's long time friends Genesis P-Orridge and Iham on Tibetan Thighbone Trumpet) were released on cassette (phase 1). More albums were released on Mystery Hearsay over the next few years, and Kevin's last official "phase 2" recording was on a compilation CD, his first using the Foster 4-track recorder (before that it was all recorded using the built in mic on a cassette recorder!).

Phase 3 was electronic experiments that saw Kevin moving from England to Canada, playing with electronic sounds - other than a couple of songs and a no-budget film soundtrack, this phase wasn't very productive.

Phase 4, however took off like crazy when Kevin purchased his first left handed bass in 2020. Since then he's released (at the time of writing) 10 albums, 4 EPs and 4 singles on his bandcamp page, plus some vinyl releases on other labels (see for his discography), and collaborations with Dave Farmer (Nanavesh) and Marcy Angeles (as Sleep Duchess), with more in the works!

Kevin records with bass, drums and vocals only - he does have a guitar and keyboards, but says he is "more comfortable with just the bass right now".